CHIHIROS DOCTOR 3 IN 1 sterilizer oxigenator tool Review and test By Aquascaping Lab

CHIHIROS DOCTOR 3 IN 1 sterilizer oxigenator tool Review and test By Aquascaping Lab

In this article review we test the Chihiros Doctor 3 IN 1, a very important accessory for planted aquariums and populated by fishes and invertebrates. Aquatic studio, after two generations of Chihiros Doctor has finally created a model that can meet the 3 main needs of aquarists, such as the care of plants, fishes and invertebrates. This model is olso a device that can support various tank dimensions and litrages. From much time we hear about this sterlizzer tool, used initially by experienced aquascaper, but now also from beginners who want to start a proper biosystem inside our tank populated by animals and plants. The main concern of any aquarist is the fishes health and the management of plant growth at the expense of algae; the “Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1” is a great help when integrated to the essential precautions, will prevent and inhibit diseases and algae formation at startup and over the aquarium life.

FUNCTIONING: The “Chihiros Doctor” composed by a reactor, controlled by an external control unit, releases active oxygen by electrolysis, releasing positive and negative ions and acting on the water redox potential, active trace elements that promote the growth of plants at the expense of the algae. Destroys olso suspended algae, pathogenic bacteria such as Aeromonas Hydrophila, herpes, fungi and Coli, acting in a positive way on the skin, mucous membranes, gills and gastrointestinal apparatus of fishes and shrimps.

In the first two series 7 different models had been designed, but with this last all features are contained in one device, the Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1 works automatically 24 hours per day thanks to preset algorithms and change according to the dimension and liters ( from a minimum of tanks of less than 60 liters to a maximum of tanks of 700 L) also changes program if our priority will be the plants or the welfare of fishes and shrimps.

PACKAGING, DESCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION: The product comes with instructions for use, we immediately find the computer control unit with the power button and setting between the 9 modes related to the size of the tank, we also find the diffuser-reactor that compared to the previous ones is more slight and sure more elegant, for the shape and because it is equipped with a single suction cup. Under the packaging there are all the connection cables and the power adapter with UK or EU socket, the two velcros that will serve to attach the comuper to the outside of the tank and a small suction cup to position the reactor inside.

The installation must be carried far from water extractor and on the lower part of the tank, so the flow of reaction product will be more efficent, plug to the electric current, press the power button and it will work byself. Connect it to the power supply, hold the power button for a few seconds, keep the power button pressed again to choose the function that will appear backlit on the left (PLANT – FISH – SHRIMP), press lightly to set the tank size

Talking about maintenance, we have determined that it will be really sporadic, but if you want you can make a light cleaning of plastic parts of the reactor with brush, instead for the possible encrustations of the metallic parts, it is recommended to place it directly in a solution of water and citric acid and leave it in for 2 hours.

OPINIONS: After testing the product, we can say that is very efficent and really good, especially for value for money (much lower than other similar brands) the price is around 65 €, definitely a good investment. Up thumb for the company that with this third edition has integrated all the functions and the dimension modes in a single device and has greatly improved its aesthetics. We must to say that you should not expect miracles, indeed will be your job let work optimally, so we recommend that immediately after the very planted aquarium start; wait for the purification of dust, and then install the “Chihiros Doctor “, insert algae eater fishes such Otocinclus or Siamensis, Caridina Japonica, Military Helmet Neritina Pulligera, and after 8 -10 days start a balanced fertilization and increasing CO2. It must not be used for marine reef aquariums or tanks with water pretreated with salt to cure diseases, before using the product make sure that the salts dissolved in water are not higher than TDS 500, and is also unkempt in breeding tanks with little fry. In all cases you will damange or kill your fishes.