MILITARY HELMET- Neritina Pulligera Algae Eater Snail – facts info

MILITARY HELMET- Neritina Pulligera Algae Eater Snail – facts info

Name and family:MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine007

Neritina Pulligera, or commonly called Military Helmet, Black Helmet.
It is widely recommended in aquariums because it is an alga-eater that does not reproduce very easily. It is gasteropode and comes from the Neritidae family. Originally from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Feature and behavior:

Round shell, is like a soldier helmet, the color ranges from brown to black, often shiny. For a 100 lt aquarium it will good the presence of 3 snail, and this will help so much to keep the furniture clean from the algae.

Fishes’s coexistance:

Given the very wide ranges of values in which it can live, and given its peaceful nature, it can also be inserted into aquariums that are very varied and substantially resemble well with so many different species.

Sexual dimorphism and breeding:

There is no dimorphism between males and females, and grasping the difference is really difficult. Its reproduction is very rare. For these reasons it is very useful in aquarium dynamics because it is really effective and has virtually no side effects such as infestation or excessive excretions.


Feeding and mantenance:

It is vegetarian, and in the specific alghivora, and, as soon as it is immersed, it will surely make great cleansing of smooth surfaces infested with pointy algae, then it will go to brush algae.


3 euros.

Maximum dimension: 2,5 cm

Swimming level: aquarium surfaces

Ideal temperature range: 20° – 28° celsius

PH range: 6,5 – 8

GH range: 5 – 60