HOW TO INTRODUCE FISHES IN AQUARIUM – Acclimatization in new habitat

HOW TO INTRODUCE FISHES IN AQUARIUM – Acclimatization in new habitat

ImmagincvzvczxeWhen we transfer fishes or invertebrates from one tank to another, with presumably different chemical and temperature values, we must be careful about the health of these, which could be compromised by stress, different values and different temperature. If your aquarium is at beginning, you will also have to wait for the “maturation” of the water that occurs with the formation of nitrifying bacteria such as Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter autonomously in about 15/20/30 days from starting, otherwise with the help of the bacteria bought in the shop in about 7/10 days inserting them into the filter and substrate.

Before explane the method for introduce fishes in the new habitat, keep in mind that transport is also a critical phase as it may be subject to stress, so always make sure that there is enough water, constant temperature, not much light and a good quantity of air and then oxygen available in the bag. So not super filled bags of water but half water and half air.

The steps for the correct introduction of fishes and invertebrates into aquariums are as follows:

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– Insert the bag into the water and open it on the surface.
– Wait 5 minutes.
– Enter a small amount of aquarium water.
– Wait 5 minutes.
– Repeat the last two actions 4/5 times.
– Transfer the fish from the bag to the tank with the help of a net.
– Remove the bag from the tank without mixing liquids.

– To reduce stress, introduce a small amount of bioconditioner and do not give food for one day.