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chi siamo 1 _2Aquascaping Lab® is a website dedicated to the aquarium world, where you can find articles with technical data, video tutorials on equipment and aquascaping, reviews, information, advice and experiences shared by experts. The young creators; Tommaso Perini and Serena Sacchi, from a great passion and experience, decided to create a portal accessible to the whole world both in Italian and English, making the page suitable both for experts and those who are new to the aquarium . The goal and uniqueness of Aquascaping Lab®brand is that it offers to the visitor, newbie or expert, high quality content and easy to understand with video tutorials, homed by the YouTube channel which makes the experience easy, fast, practical and available to everyone.


– Aquascaping lessons, various habitats and procedure arrangements illustrated by means of tutorials.
– Fresh water, salt water, Tropical and Mediterranean aquarium set up tutorials.
– Description and technical specifications of fishes, crustaceans, mollusc, corals, anemones, madrepore.
– Description and technical data of plants and mosses.
– Reviews of technical material and of the most famous brand of products.
– Tips and tricks for starting, cleaning, maintenance and care of an aquarium.
– Updates and news about aquascpaing events, contests and exhibitions.

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A growing number of subscribers and views from all parts of the world, which is the reason that our videos are in Italian but also subtitled in English. Followers await frantically for a new video each week.


A very important reference point for fans who wish to have a direct relationship with the administrators. Offering an instant response to all kinds of doubts and maximum availability by admin.

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