A Series MARINE LED Lamps Chihiros, Review Description and Test by Aquascaping Lab

A Series MARINE LED Lamps Chihiros, Review Description and Test by Aquascaping Lab

In this article – review we will talk about the Chihiros LED A Series Marine lamps (model A601M), essential tools for saltwater reef aquariums and populated by salwater fishes, invertebrates anemones and corals.

FUNCTIONING: As all knows, the choice of a aquarium lighting system is very important, the main concern of any aquascaper, besides the health of fishes, is the management of corals and the luminous flux, the lamp types that the market offers is changing every years to the use of Led lights, we will analyze the Led A series marine of Chihiros aquatic studios, in our case, the model A601M. These LED lights are assembled with metallic material, have a thickness of 0.9 cm and are of aluminum, striped on top to better disperse the heat that usually ranging from 20 ° to 45 ° Celsius. They are all made with 0.5w output LEDs each in SMD HCRI. The company declaration of the Color Temperature is about 9000° – 100000° Kelvin. All kits are also equipped with transparent stand of high quality acrylic material and 5cm height, which giving you reflection of the lighting set as if it is floating in the air. Each lighting set comes with a dimmer that can change the intensity of the light and can be manually tuned to 6 different phases, you have also two switches that can on and off the whites and che colored leds. the life of these lamps being declared by the company is about 50,000 hours. The Chihiros LED A Series Marine 601 has a length of 60 cm, 6 cm wide and are mounted 117 LEDs, 39 are white, 10 are red, 8 are green and 60 are blue, with a maximum power consumption of 39 watts, the luminous flux is 4600 Lumen.

PACKAGING, DESCRIPTION and INSTALLATION: Opening the package of A Series Marine product, the first thing that we find is the power adapter with the EU or UK cable, then the dimmer cable that switch power on and off, to regulate the voltage and therefore the various intensity, which is very useful for the new aquariums that will require a growing light and with white and colors shuts off, you can reproduce lunar night phases. Inside the box there are also transparent acrylic supports with mounting screws and a small screwdriver, finally we find the led light lamp. The assembly of the parts is very simple, the power adapter must be connected to the lamp, inserting the dimmer between, which will control the ignition and the regulation, the mounting of the acrilic supports is with the screws to the lamp in the appropriate holes, remember to mount the special slides at the base of the supports. In the screwdriving holes you can decide to install accessories such as the supports with stainless steel slats and acrylic anchorages that will make the lamp more louder and adapt if to the size of the tank if is longer of the lamp.

OPINIONS: After testing the product, we can say that the leds are of good quality and a good substitute for traditional Neon T8 and T5 lamps because the light output is the same or higher, but the power consumption is much lower. Another positive aspect of these lamps is, the nice aesthetics, very thin and minimal, beautiful the reduced thickness that is 1 cm, and the material used, satined aluminum, elegant and smart. Another positive note, always for the choice of metallic material, is the striped effect on the top that will have a good thermal dispersion, as we all know is vital to the life of the leds, infact if we touch with the hand after a few minutes from the ignition we can feel a lot of heat. Only a bit negative note is the fact that the supports, even if they are elegant and minimal as transparent, are a bit difficult to compose, not for the complexity of the mounting phases but the quality of the screws and thread materials, so you we recommend taking care, otherwise you could break them. On the market there are many types of led lights ranging from high quality and very high price over 1000 euros, to those of low quality and low price, A Series Marine Aquatic Studio are a product that we can be placed in intermediate quality, but compared to the others, they are very interesting for the optimal ratio Price / Quality, because they cost only 45 / 50 €, price that increase to a maximum of 85/90 € for 120 cm long lamps. The aesthetic lights effect is fully satisfying because the colors of the fishes and some fluorescence of the corals are good, an important factor that suggests the choice of these lamps which you will have to consider when comparing it to others on the market, is the great light intensity and therefore the light penetration, in relation to the watts consumed and especially with the purchase price. However we recommend it to use if you have aquariums no more deep of 45/50 cm and in more presence of LPS and soft corals than hard corals, but especially for those who want to start treating an aquarium without investing huge capital.

BUY THE PRODUCT, CLICK HERE : http://www.chihiros.cn/