Accessories for A Series, Plus, RGB Chihiros LED Lamps: Review, Descriptions and Test by Aquascaping Lab

Accessories for A Series, Plus, RGB Chihiros LED Lamps: Review, Descriptions and Test by Aquascaping Lab

I this article – review we will talk about accessories for Chihiros lamps, accessories not included in individual purchases of LED lamps, very important for the correct operation and often indispensable for installation. The objects that we will analyze in this video are the Chihiros remote dimmer cable and controller for adjusting the illumination intensity and switch on/off, the Chihiros Stainless Steel Stand, Chihiros Aluminum alloy hanging stand and the hanging rope kits.

CHIHIROS REMOTE DIMMER AND WIRELESS CONTROLLER: The package contains the instructions for use, the receiver radio cable dimmer, and the remote control with a changeable internal battery. Installation will be simply by placing the receiver radio dimmer cable between the transformer and the LED lamp connector, then remove the protective film from the remote control battery and turn on. This dimmer allows an easy adjustment of light intensity for all of Chihiros led lamps. This is essential in the new aquariums, where the light intensity should be raised slowly and according to the plant growth. When used together with a time switch, the last appointed setup of the dimmer is preserved. The manual version of the dimmer supports 7 different levels of light intensity. The wireless version however allows for the adjustment in 10% steps and has additionally 6 directly selectable, pre-programmed settings of 10%, 20%, 40%, 60% , 80% and 100%. It works with a radio transmitter, which means it even works through the closed door of your aquarium cabinet. This is especially usefull when the the dimmer is installed in inaccessible position. The manual dimmer come free with all A series Lamps. The price is about 8 / 10 euro.

CHIHIROS STAINLESS STEEL STAND for A series , A Plus and RGB: In the box with mounting instructions printed on exterior part, there are metal slats, transparent acrylic tank anchorages, metal fixing screws between the slats and the anchoring parts, screws in Acrylic to adhere to the edges of the tank, and a small screwdriver. The mounting is simple and intuitive, the slats must to be inserted into the special holes of the LED lamp and in the anchor holes, so position all the screws, decide the distances and apply it to the tank. The stainless steel stand broadens the possibilities to place the lamp over your aquarium. You can place the lamp higher above the tank and create space for emerging plants or roots. Or you can use the stand to affix the lamp to a tank that does not have the exact measurements of the lamp. A good thing is that the slats of the stand having one longer section and one shorter, so there are two ways of installation:


  1. When the longer section is placed vertically and the shorter one is placed horizontally, you can place the lamp up to 20 cm above the tank edge. This also gives you a margin of 5 cm on each side which enables you to install the lamp over tanks with up to 10 cm more lenght.

  2. When the shorter section is placed vertically and the longer section is placed horizontally, you can place the lamp up to 9 cm above the tank edge. At the same time the tank can be up to 30 cm longer than the actual lamp. This only works with lamps up to 30 cm, though. With lamps from 60 cm upwards only a 10 cm margin should be considered, because the weight of the lamp might otherwise bend the stand.

This accessory come free the with A series plus & RGB series LED, but stainless steel stand for A series LED is different. They different in width of the acrylic holder. For RGB and A series plus, the acrylic holder stand is broader, while A series is less broad. The price is about 7 / 10 Euros.

CHIHIROS ALUMINIUM ALLOY HANGING STAND: The package contains 3 pieces of aluminum, 3 iron screws for assembly of the pieces, 3 plastic screws for fixing the anchorages to the tank glass and a small allen. The mounting instructions are printed on the outside of the box. Mounting is simple and intuitive, you will need to remove the screw of the main tube and re-screw it together with the anchorages, then you can insert the plastic screws. Then you must to insert the suspended arm in the main arm and block it with the two small srews with the help of the allen, so you can place it on the edge of the aquarium. This hanging kit is made from aluminium alloy and is sturdy and aesthetically nice. It allows for the installation of Chihiros RGB-series, A-series and A-series plus lamps with the help of the Cable Suspension Kit, but can also be used for many other types of lamps. The height of the stand can be varied from 41 cm to 47 cm and the mounting bracket can be attached to glass up to 15 mm thickness. The arm is 32 cm long and can be swiveled freely. Three notches which are 3 cm, 6 cm and 9 cm distant from the tip of the arm, guarantee a safe hold for the cable of the Suspension Kit. If you want to know how many supports you need in relation to the type of lamp and the length of the tank, it is recommended 1 to below 60 cm tank, 2 for a 60 cm to 120 cm tank, and 3 or 4 for tank on 150/180 cm. Remember that the price is around 18/20 euros per piece.

CHIHIROS LIGHTS HANGING ROPE KITS for A series , A Plus and RGB: In this kit for A SERIES, A SERIS plus end RGB series lamps, is available:

  • The metallic cable for the steel suspension,
  • The acrylic plates to secure the cable to the lamps
  • The metallic clamps to secure the lamps to the cable
  • Normal screwdriver needed for installation.
  • The instructions are printed on the package.

The mounting of the elements is very intuitive, remove the protective film from the acrylic plaques, fix them with the screws to the lamps, pass the cable into the holes and after formed a ring, secure it with the clamps, they will be tightened with a key, not present in the kit, repeating the same procedure to form a ring at the top or we will hook it directly to the other extremity. There are two models of this kit, “single” and “double”, the “double” serves to match two lamps together. Price is around 7/10 euros per kit.

OPINIONS: After testing the products we can say that they are all aesthetically very beautiful, elegant and have a good design, you will hang up the lamps allowing any emersion of stones, woods or plants from the water surface without any problem. Aluminum supports can be used for any other kind of lamps so they are very versatile. Also the presence of the remote control that works great is really very convenient.Up tumbs to the company that provides all the material needed for the mounting that will be intuitive. The accessories that unfortunately must be buy for some lamps that dont have it in the default kits, they have optimal and great ratio prices/quality. The prices are very low and quality, although not one of the best, especially during the assembling of the screws (to be fitted with caution) is good.