CHIHIROS Magnet Cleaners for aquarium glass, Review and Test by Aquascaping Lab

CHIHIROS Magnet Cleaners for aquarium glass, Review and Test by Aquascaping Lab

In this article – review we’re talking about Magnet Cleaner by Chihiros, very important accessories  for the mantenance of freshwater and saltwater reef aquarium.

FUNCTIONING: Sometimes the glass walls of our aquarium, for the presence of algae or for the presence of limestone in water surface line, could be opaque or dirty, and for all aquascapers this is a very borious problem. Every aquarium lover use this simple instrument, that we can find in a lot of shapes and quality, but usually the normal products that we find are not so effective and they dont do very excellent work like CHIHIROS MAGNET CLEANER tools. The cleaning magnets by Chihiros Aquatic Studios cling to the glass of fresh water and saltwater tank by an excellent magnetic power. They are highly productive and effective cleaning, the glass wall are always clean even in the most difficult points, thanks to the rectangular shape of the four corners, but also thanks to a internal bevel that doesn’t hinder cleaning even in the remote points. One of the best feature that distinguish it from other cleaners is the magnet power that can hold it to the glass even if we take away and move from distance the outside part, this does not mean that it will make too much pressure on glass, but will guarantee its safety. Another advantage of this instrument is the floating of the inside brush part that if accidentally detached it will float on the water surface, making it easier to recover without put hands into the water or take in on the aquarium bottom. The external element of all the models is of hand-made wood, which give a natural and ‘ecofriendly’ effect. Mini and Nano magnet have an acrylic coating and round and rectangular shape.

Chihiros Aquatic Studios produces 6 different sizes suitable for all needs, of various sizes and adaptable to the various thicknesses of the glass walls: Mini, Nano, S, M, L, XL:

PACKAGING, DESCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION: Opening the box, we immediately find the two magnets, with two different parts (hard and soft), you can also find the spare parts. the installation is very simple, the black part with the special cleaning material (hard) goes inside the tank, the wooden part with soft material should be positioned outside. When you want to change the films just remove the old ones, remove the glue and install the new ones.

OPINIONS: Before giving our opinion on the product, you should know some of tips that you can do to improve aquarium maintenance, such as using clean magnets once a week, otherwise if they grow many algae you will have to use other more tedious means. Avoid the presence of inert like sand or gravel in the middle of the magnets otherwise you will scratching the glasses, and in this case with the CHIHIROS MAGNET CLEANER, avoid placing your hands in the middle to avoid being crushed and hurt, avoid proximity to electronic objects that may be damaged or metal objects in general. Finally, we can say that this product is highly recommended, it is really of high quality the interior part is very solid and well-built, the outside part has beautiful look and will give a nice touch of design to your tank. The price is very appropriate to the product level quality, prices will vary depending on the sizes: Mini 8 € – Nano 12 € – S 20 € – M 30 € – L 40 € – XL 50 €.