GLOWLIGHT TETRA – Hemigrammus Erythrozonus – facts info

GLOWLIGHT TETRA – Hemigrammus Erythrozonus – facts info

Name and family:MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine003[435]

Hemigrammus erythrozonus, Red Neon, Glowlight Tetra. It belongs to the Characidae family and comes from South America, from the Rio Essequibo basin in Guyana.

Feature and behavior:

The Hemigrammus Erythrozonus has a compressed body at the sides with a small mouth oriented horizontally. The livery is silvery gray and tends to the transparent, you can see the internal organs, has an orange-red strip that runs through the entire body, from the caudal peduncle to the head. Even the eye is crossed by a red line, the dorsal and caudal fins are red, with whiteends, especially the anal fin. Bright red is a good health index, so fading will indicate a state of stress. The life expectancy of a Glowlight Tetra will be about 3/4 years old when raised in aquariums with large swim space but also very planted and rich in vegetation and hiding, remembering that its biotope is turbid and acidic waters with many humic acids and low hardness. We recommend using dark, medium-sized bottoms and tank not less then 60 liters.

Fishes’s coexistence:MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine005[437]

The Glowlight Tetra is sociable and peaceful, lively but a little shy, especially if inserted in a small number. In nature it lives in groups of not less than 5, but it can also reach groups of 15/20 heads. It is an ideal fish for community aquariums and can be live with fish of the same size and character, such as Rasbora, Neon, Loricaridae Nannostomus trifasciatus and Corydoras. We recommend avoiding coexistence with much bigger or aggressive fish such as cyclid. Beware of any eggs of other species because they can erat and become their food. We can say that this species is absolutely recommended for all aquascaper who want to keep their work intact and to give life to thei tank, becaouse the Hemigrammus Erythrozonus, forming herd, will have a beautiful effect and will not minimally damage the layout.

Sexual dimorphism and breeding:

Sexual dimorphism is not very obvious, though the male is slightly tapered and colored on the body (red) and the white ends of the fins. The female is more trunks with rounded and swollen belly, the colors are less luminous. The Hemigrammus Erythrozonus is oviparous, so the fertilization of the eggs, positioned generously on the leaves, takes place externally. Remember that the reproduction is really difficult in the aquarium, but to encourage coupling, increase the acidity of the water, the temperature and the food with more protein.

Feeding and mantenance:

Glowlight Tetra is an omnivorous species but predominantly carnivore, in the wild eates worms, eggs and micro invertebrates, so to enhance its colors you can provide it with Tubifex, Chironomus, Artemia Nauplii, Daphnia or the most common flakes or granule foods for aquarium fish , Obviously adequate to the size of their mouth. It also accepts sporadic plant-based feed supplies.


4 euro for one.MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine004[436]


Maximum dimension: 4 cm

Swimming level: total

Ideal temperature range: 23° – 28 ° Celsius

PH range: 5.5 – 7

GH range: 5 – 15