imageAlmost all the fish we have in our aquarium except those of cold water such as gold fish, koi carp and others are of tropical origin where the climate temperature and therefore the water is usually higher or different than our areas. It will be essential therefore to know the temperature suitable for the species present in the tank and bring it to the right level increasing or lowering it, in any case keeping it constant to avoid thermal changes shock that could to stress and illness the animal, and increase good growth and development of fishes and plants. The main tools that we explane in this article are internal tube glass heaters, heating cables, external chillers, fans, and thermometers; Will serve to increase or lower the temperature of the water and keep it under control, let’s know them now in detail:

ImmagineewfrewrINTERNAL HEATERS: This tool is the most used to increase water temperature and you can easily find on the market. It is made up of a very durable glass enclosure with a heat electric resistance inside it. In most cases, it is equipped with thermostats that allow the connection and discharge of the current depending on the water temperature and the temperature that you set. Operation is generally signaled by a bright LED and there are various dimensions and powers expressed in watts, each suitable for the water volume of the tank. They are very practical, not bulky and economical, we recommend turning on the ignition only after the immersion in the water otherwise it may break.

ImmagineHEATER CABLE: This tool is used to increase the water temperature and is composed by a cable of various lengths with a long heat electric resistance inside that emits heat. It must be positioned in the aquarium before pose the layout on the bottom of the tank, then the laying of the various substrates will cover. The heating cable will have the function of more uniformly heating the whole aquarium, distributing heat even in areas usually unavailable as the roots of plants, but the best of all is that will create a ascending water convection that will also pass through the substrate, this will oxygenating the usually anaerobic areas and avoiding the formation of harmful bacteria inside the substrates. It does not have a very cheap price but can be really useful in many situations.

ImmaginedffsEXTERNAL REFRIGERATOR CHILLER: This instrument is especially needed for marine and Reef aquariums, it is used to cool and decrease the water temperature, usually composed by an external machine that draws water from the tank if it is of fresh water, or from the sump if it is sea water, and thanks to special radiators with cooling fans it re-emits at a lower temperature. There are various sizes, powers and technologies, with or without thermostats, and although their efficiency is good, they have the defect of consuming a lot of electricity and the purchase price is not cheaper.

ImmagineeffefAIR FAN: This type of tool is one of the most used to lower the water temperature and is used for fresh water and salt water reef aquariums, especially during summer periods. The fans are positioned close to the surface of the water in the open aquariums and serve to dissipate the heat of the surface water, or they can be used in closed aquariums as heat extractors, which usually is accumulate with the presence of the lamps. The advantages of this instrument are easy installation and the cheap purchase price but the efficiency will not be the best and will also contribute enormously to the evaporation of the tank water, then you will have to be replenished with osmosis water.

ImmagineffdfTHERMOMETER: The thermometer is a fundamental tool for controlling the water temperature in the tank and must be used in marine reef and freshwater aquariums. There are various types; mercury in glass with graduated scale, digital internal or digital external with probe, in all cases are tools that do not have excessive purchase cost and the recommend installation is far from heaters or chillers so the indication of the temperature of your aquarium is more accurate.