AQUARIUM BACKGROUND TYPES: 3D background, white matte transparent films, picture immage films

AQUARIUM BACKGROUND TYPES: 3D background, white matte transparent films, picture immage films

s-l1000In Aquascaping, the art of creating aquatic landscapes, or in general in setting up a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, the presence of a background is very important. Only if you dont want to install backgrounds, such as 360° degrees visible aquariums or tanks built between scaffolding walls and therefore needing to see through it is good but, the presence of the various types of background that we will explane in the article, will help the good appearance of the aquarium and also can cover all possible pipes, wires or technical tools. The main types of background we can find on the market and which you can use for your Tropical freshwater and marine reef aquariums are three: 3D Background, Picture background films, Matte Transparent Adhesive Films.

sfondo_al_vasca3D BACKGROUND: Usually it is used for freshwater aquariums and the most popular fantasies are reproductions of stones or woods of many colors. It is very easy to find and the materials used for the composition are light and non-toxic, do not release debris in water. The installation, it is very simple, it must be placed inside the tank before the water filling, by bonding with silicone and special glue or imbed. Amazonas-prof2A positive feature is the ability to model and cut pieces and fit them together to adapt to the size of the aquarium, you will also have the option of hiding or camouflaging internal wires or filters. The aesthetic effect is very beautiful and realistic as in 3D, generally used for tanks containing African cyclids or “Iwagumi” style layouts, the disadvantage are the cost of buying a bit high, difficult to cleaning because it will offer a great anchor for algae, and in some cases a diminuition of water volume.

MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine006PICTURE IMAGE BACKGROUND FILMS: Generally used for freshwater and marine reef aquariums, they are made up of films with picture reproduction of various landscapes. The installation is carried out on the outer rear glass, usually with the help of water or special jellies that will avoid the presence of bubbles and the reflection of the lights of the tank. The positive feature of this type of background is the very low purchase cost, easy installation and maintenance, and the ability to have a lot of fantasies. However, according to our experience, the aesthetic effect, will be a bit fake and synthetic.

aquarium-architecture-takashi-amano-03WHITE MATTE TRANSPARENT FILMS: This kind of background is usually used for freshwater aquariums, especially in the creation of “Iwagumi” or “Ryoboku” and in general in Aquascaping for the aesthetic final effect. Will be beautiful, ethereal, neutral, bright, giving a infinity feeling and tranquility, for this reason is very used into almost setup of Takashi Amano. Adhesive films you can use are generally opaque transparent, the installation will be externally on the back glass with the help of water and tools for removing air bubbles. For our experience, it is recommended to accentuate the luminous effect by installing a rear lamp that give you olso the ability to create sunrise and sunset. Another good features is the lack of maintenance and low purchase price.

DSC_6873-1 copiaFinally, the presence of a background is fundamental, the choice of the three types will depend on your creativity but generally the combinations that can be made are the following: External images films especially for marine aquariums, usually blue, or for freshwater aquariums in general. 3D backgrounds for layout construction with large stones or large woods dedicated to big African or South American cyclists. The opaque, semi-transparent films will be used for very planted and detailed aquariums, generally “Iwagumi” and “Ryoboku”.