BLACK MOLLY – Poecilia sphenops – facts info

BLACK MOLLY – Poecilia sphenops – facts info

Name and family:

The Black Molly is a Poecilide which in nature is found in Central America, Mexico and Colombia. They are used both fresh water and marine, and are properly brackish water fish.


Feature and behavior:Immagineadea

The Black molly have an elongated body with a round belly and pointed head, large eyes and wide mouth. The dorsal fin is elongated, the delta queue or typically ‘lyre’ and other rounded fins. The colors are different, often the most common are blacks with shades and stains yellow gold. The most common variants of this fish are Black Silver, Marble and the Golden.


Fishes’s coexistance:

Black Molly coexists with various types of other peaceful fish, especially with the family of xifofori.


ImmaginertertSexual dimorhism and breeding:

There are obvious differences between males and females. But the male has a sexual male organ everted and visible as with all poecilidi. Are bearing fish, so after fertilization females held in the belly of the eggs and then giving birth to live pups. The gestation is from 20 to 30 days and a single female calves from 20 to 150 fry at a time.

Feeding and mantenance:

By its nature love vegetal food: it is recommended so the administration of green vegetable tablets and spirulina which is glutton. They can eat also normal scales, but without forgetting their vegetarian preference.


From 3 euro.


Maximum dimention: 7 cm

Swimming level: Black Molly has a good mobility

Ideal temperature range: 24 – 28° Celsius

PH range: 7 – 8,5

GH range: 10 – 30