KILLER SNAIL – Anentome Helena – facts info

KILLER SNAIL – Anentome Helena – facts info

Name and family:MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine005

The killer or Anentome Helena (Clea Helena) is a gastropod of the Buccinidae family. It’s a small Asian conical snail native to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, lives in streams in blurry, sandy / muddy backgrounds.
It is also known as Snail Killer, Assassin Snail, Killer Snail, Assassin Snail, Bumble Bee Snail.

Feature and behavior:

Anentome Helena is a small Asian conical snail that does not exceed 1.5 to 2 cm in length and its thick shell is bicolor, light yellow or beige with blacker streaks more or less wide. It is equipped with a siphon. The distinctive feature of the Anentome is to be carnivorous, more precisely shellfish, and eat whatever other snails meet. They are called snail snails, killer snails, killer snails, assassin snails, and the more you put them, and they are also looked after and paid well enough by those who want to “disinfect” the aquarium from the weaned snails.

Fishes’s coexistence:MVI_5140.MOV.Immagine003

They do not touch plants and can live with any aquarium fish, except with other snails because any of its similar, though much bigger, would be eaten by them.




Sexual dimorphism and breeding:

It is a non-hermit snail, that is to be able to reproduce there must be two distinct specimens, a male and a female, so to be more likely to get a couple is better to set them up in groups of at least 8 specimens. Eggs are not clustered but individually wrapped in a semitransparent gelatinous bag scattered over the furnishings, but it seems to be preferable to plants when planting them. The hatching time varies from 3 to 5 weeks, the newly born small snails generally disappear into the substrate and the growth rate is very slow, at least in relation to that of other known aquatic snails, leaving us 4 At 8 months to reach the adult size, which explains why they never become as weeds as the others.


Feeding and manteinance:

They mainly feed on molluscs in the tub, but when they finish the other snails, they do not have difficulty adjusting to frozen feed, bottom fish tablets, dry granulated feed.


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Maximum dimension: 2 cm

Swimming level: bottom and glasses

Ideal temperature range: 18° – 28° celsius

PH range: 6.5 – 8.0

Gh range: 8 – 20